Daily Checklist and Service Schedules

Daily Checklist

  • Check trailer & load mass to vehicle capacity
  • Check Light / Power plug is connected to vehicle
  • Check safety chain is connected, and crossed over if there are two
  • Check tow coupling is secure
  • Check handbrake is released (If fitted)
  • Check tyre condition, tread, sidewall cracks cuts etc.
  • Check wheel nut & indicators (If fitted)
  • Rock wheels on axles to check for excessive movement.
  • Ensure jockey wheel is in travel position
  • Ensure number plate is clearly visible, and registration is current
  • Check operation of all lights
  • Check load is secured
  • If it doesn't look right, it often isn't !!

3 Monthly Safety Inspection

To be Carried out By Competent Person...

  • Check tow coupling for excessive wear, cracks & other damage
  • Visually check coupling is secure & its mounting bolts are tight
  • Check operation of  jockey wheel & its mounting
  • Inspect trailer for any signs of cracking. In particular the drawbar & areas where the drawbar attaches to the frame
  • Inspect for any other damaged or missing components

Jack Up Each Wheel and Remove Dust Cap

  • Check that wheel rotates freely and there is no abnormal bearing noise
  • Check there is no free play in bearings
  • Check for free play by rocking hub/brake drum assembly with hands positioned at 12 and 6 o'clock
  • Check condition of grease in outer bearings & dust caps
  • If free play is found in the bearings, the bearings are too tight or the grease is badly discoloured, then the bearings must be serviced
  • Inspect suspension components for wear, and replace bushes etc as required

6 Monthly service/Safety Inspection

To be carried out in conjunction with Daily & 3 Monthly Service

  • Service wheel bearings. Replace any components that are not serviceable. If one bearing component is not serviceable, then replace them as a set.
  • Inspect all brake components
  • Check the brake linings, brake drum for crazing & condition of all mechanical linkages.  All faulty or worn components must be replaced. Linings with remaining service life shall have all brake dust safely removed, and be deglazed.
  • Adjust brakes and check operation & adjustment of parking brake.
  • Inspect the following axle & suspension components for breaks, damages, wears and cracks. Lubricate where required.
  • Physically check all nuts, bolts, U bolts & locking devices on the axle and suspension components for the correct tension rather than just carry out a visual inspection.
  • Springs, Shackles, Shackle Pins and Nuts, U Bolts, Plates, Suspension Arms, Axle, Shock Absorbers, & Bushes
  • Grease Jockey Wheel


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