Daily Checklist and Service Schedules

Daily Checklist Check trailer & load mass to vehicle capacity Check Light / Power plug is connected to vehicle Check safety chain is connected, and crossed over if there are two Check tow coupling is secure Check handbrake is released (If fitted) Check tyre condition, tread, sidewall cracks cuts etc. Check wheel nut & indicators (If fitted) Rock wheels on axles to check for excessive movement. Ensure jockey wheel is in travel position Ensure number plate is clearly visible, and registration is...  read more ...

Design Features To Consider

Angle vs Straight There have been very many studies done over the years to determine if horses prefer to travel in a straight load trailer or an angle load. Different studies result in different conclusions. However, a careful look at the studies from independent groups who used carefully designed protocols shows that overwhelmingly horses prefer to travel at approximately a 45 deg angle to the line of travel. Most studies that show horses liking straight load are poorly designed and performed...  read more ...

Safe Towing and Maintenance

Maintenance Proper, regular maintenance of your vehicle and trailer is vital for safe towing. See your trailer and/or vehicle dealer, the RACQ or other competent service agent in this field to check that: The towing vehicle and the trailer are in a roadworthy and safe condition The trailer's wheel-bearings, suspension and brakes are in good working condition. This is particularly important for boat trailers or if the trailer has not been used for some time. Before the Trip There are a number...  read more ...

Towing Information

Tow Ball Load Tow Ball Load is the proportion of the trailer weight that is applied to the rear of the tow vehicle. A vehicle's Ball Load specification will be found in the vehicle's handbook and will be listed as a weight in kilograms or as a percentage of the trailer's ATM. Ball Load specifications are often around 10% of the maximum towing mass specification, however this isn't always the case. European vehicles in particular can have quite low allowable Ball Loads in relation to their...  read more ...

What Trailer Best Suits My Needs

It is often not easy to know which type of trailer would be right for you. Be it buying a box trailer or a motorcycle trailer, you want to be sure that the trailer you buy suits your purpose. With plenty of trailer manufacturers, you might be confused as to which trailer you might choose as well. Here is a guide to help you choose the trailer that suits your needs. Choosing the right manufacturer It is always a great idea to go for a trusted manufacturer when buying a trailer. The reason is...  read more ...

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