Animal Floats

Animal floats are an essential transportation tool for those who sell and breed animals. These trailers are designed to provide a safer transport system that you can depend on. This includes alpacas, goats, and dogs. These floats will ensure that every animal will arrive to its destination safely, when pulled by your vehicle.

With safety mechanisms that are designed to secure animals in place, and ensure better travel conditions on the road. This includes all wheel lock brakes and suspension systems to ensure that your animals have the best experience traveling down the road, along with the time spent loading and unloading them.

Alpaca/Goat Floats

  • Fully Customisable
  • Great way to transport Alpacas
Alpaca floats will ensure that your alpacas have a safe and comfortable ride when you are transporting them. These floats offer optional drawbar... more...

Dog Floats

  • Fully Customisable
  • Great way to transport Dogs
Dog floats are designed to fit the unique travel needs of your canine companions. The internal partitions allow you to separate animals to avoid... more...

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