Standard 2.46m, 5 Horse, Gooseneck

Standard 2.46m, 5 Horse, Gooseneck
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Technical Specifications

This section outlines some of the more technical aspects of the product displayed above. Please note that the following information applies to a stock standard item only. Adding, removing or modifing components may alter it's dimentions, weight, capacity or any other of the items listed below.

Attributes Details
Sizing 9400 x 2460 x 2300
ATM 7500Kg
GTM 5900Kg
Bay Length 2400 x 710
Finish Pre Paint - Prepsol Clean, Adhesive/Sealer Seal
Each Prime & Two Pac White Paint
Inclusions Suspension Eye/Slipper 75x11 4 Leaf
Axle 65mm, 'S' Cam Air Brakes c/w ABS Control, Suzie Coil, Yard Release
Wheels 16" 6 Stud 1500Kg c/w 225-75R16 (123) Tyres
Spare Wheel Mounted Under Floor Wind-Down
75mm Coupling and Ball 9T
Two Speed Double Jack
Algal & Duragal Steel Chassis & Frame
Zincaneal Sheet Panels
Structural Hardwood Ply G2 F27 - Sealed
Horse Area Flooring - Insertion Rubber Matting, Sealed
Living & Neck Flooring - Vinyl, Sealed
One Piece Fiberglass Roof
LED Lights to ADRs - 2 x Rear Twin Combo STI
LED Lights to ADRs - 2 x Number Plate Lights
LED Lights to ADRs - 3pr. Red Amber - Side Marker
LED Lights to ADRs - 2 x White - Front Marker
LED Lights to ADRs - 2 x Red - Rear Marker
External PA Door - LED Strip 114mm Wired to Inside Switch to Battery
Battery 17AmpHr Mounted Under Neck
Anderson Plug Circuit to Charge Battery
Full Height Spring Assisted Tailgate (Ply & Rubber, Ali Wear Plate, Colorbond Sheet Finish on Tailgate)
Dividing Wall and Sliding Door
External Horse Tie Points
Sign - "Do Not Overtake Turning Vehicle"
Tare Weight 3500Kg
Warranty 12 Month Warranty Conditional
Striping 2" & 1"
Neck Area 2300 Long
2 x Window 1000 x 300mm c/w Fly Screen
Dual Dome LED c/w Switch Wired to Isolating S/W
Living Area 3100 Long
Window 1175 x 508mm c/w Fly Screen - Drivers Side
Caravan Door - Passengers Side
Double Caravan Step
Dual Dome LED c/w Switch Wired to Isolating S/W
Horse Area 40000mm Long suit 5 Horse at Ninety Degree Load
Open Sided with Bars
Kickboards HDPE 9mm Black on Both Sides
Rump Padding
Horse Tie Points
Removable Divider System
Rear Dome LED c/w Switch
Divide Wall - Dual Dome c/w Switch Wired to Isolating S/W

Product Options

This section outlines some of many options that are availble

Code Details
PBLHO.4.001 Wheels Under View Photo
PBLHO.4.002 Window Slide 1000x300 c/w Fly Screen View Photo
PBLHO.4.003 Window Slide 1175x508 c/w Fly Screen View Photo
PBLHO.4.004 Window Slide 280x457 c/w Fly Screen
PBLHO.4.005 Window Hopper 508x1175 c/w Fly Screen
PBLHO.4.006 Window Hopper 380x914 c/w Fly Screen
PBLHO.4.007 Caravan Door and Screen View Photo
PBLHO.4.008 Single C’Van Step View Photo
PBLHO.4.009 Double C’Van Step View Photo
PBLHO.4.010 Slide Out Step
PBLHO.4.011 Louvres in Horse Area View Photo
PBLHO.4.012 Side White Vinyl Curtains View Photo
PBLHO.4.013 Rear White Vinyl Curtain View Photo
PBLHO.4.014 Fully Padded Divider System suit 3 & 4 Horse
PBLHO.4.015 Fully Padded Divider System suit 5 & 6 Horse
PBLHO.4.016 Divider Rubber Drop Sheet
PBLHO.4.017 Animat - 10mm Thick. Polymerically Bound Rubber per Sq Mt
PBLHO.4.018 Roof Vent - Pop Up
PBLHO.4.019 Roof Vent - Rotary
PBLHO.4.020 Permanent Airflow Vent and Hatch View Photo
PBLHO.4.021 Permanent Airflow 12Volt Vent and Hatch
PBLHO.4.022 Rug Rack Mesh View Photo
PBLHO.4.023 Rug Rack Mesh c/w Mesh Door View Photo
PBLHO.4.024 Rug Rack Sheet - Enclosed c/w Lockable Door View Photo
PBLHO.4.025 Aluminum Stoneguard Under Neck View Photo
PBLHO.4.026 Aluminum Skirt 570mm suit Wheels Inside
PBLHO.4.027 Aluminum Skirt 250mm suit Wheels Under
PBLHO.4.028 Hydraulic Tailgate Lifter
PBLHO.4.029 Hay Rack and Ladder View Photo
PBLHO.4.030 Shower Cubical, Nib Wall, Hot Water Gas/240v, H&C Mixer and Rose, Rail and Curtain View Photo
PBLHO.4.031 Nib Wall
PBLHO.4.032 Holder suit 9Kg. Bottle Under Neck
PBLHO.4.033 Gas Cylinder 9Kg
PBLHO.4.034 Licensed Gas Connection - Hot Water
PBLHO.4.035 Licensed Gas Connection - Cook Top (Includes Fire Extinguisher)
PBLHO.4.036 Licensed Gas Connection - External Connection
PBLHO.4.037 Recessed Awning - Omn8000 5.03x2.75 Grey (Incl. Height ext.) View Photo
PBLHO.4.038 Recessed Awning - Omn8000 5.53x2.75 Grey (Incl. Height ext.)
PBLHO.4.039 Recessed Awning - Omn8000 6.03x2.75 Grey (Incl. Height ext.)
PBLHO.4.040 Internal Dual Dome LED c/w Switch View Photo
PBLHO.4.041 Internal L.E.D. 300mm Light
PBLHO.4.042 External L.E.D. 114mm Light
PBLHO.4.043 External L.E.D. 500mm Light
PBLHO.4.044 Internal L.E.D. Adjustable Reading Light On/Off
PBLHO.4.045 Battery Charger 240v and Regulator
PBLHO.4.046 Battery Charger DC to DC via Anderson Plug
PBLHO.4.047 Inverter (Sizes as Required, POA)
PBLHO.4.0475 Portable Toilet Qube345 - Holding Capacity 12Lt. Flush Capacity 15Lt.
PBLHO.4.048 Battery 120Amphr Mounted Under Neck
PBLHO.4.049 Air Conditioner Reverse Cycle (to External Power Source)
PBLHO.4.050 Provision for Air Conditioner in Roof
PBLHO.4.051 Provision for Front Mount Air Conditioner
PBLHO.4.052 100Lt Tank and Filler
PBLHO.4.053 200Lt Tank and Filler
PBLHO.4.054 External Brass Tap
PBLHO.4.055 12Volt Water Pump
PBLHO.4.056 Cupboard Saddle & Tack - Door Outside View Photo
PBLHO.4.057 Under Chest Storage - Hinge Down Doors (3), suit 3 or 4 Horse View Photo
PBLHO.4.058 Under Chest Storage - Hinge Down Doors (4), suit 5 or 6 Horse
PBLHO.4.059 Under Chest Storage - Hinge Up Doors in lieu c/w Gas Struts
PBLHO.4.060 Built-In Neck Step, 2 Treads
PBLHO.4.061 Inner Fiberglass Roof Lining c/w Bats Insulation (Neck and Living)
PBLHO.4.062 Inner Wall Lining c/w Koolfoam Insulation (Neck and Living)
PBLHO.4.063 Ceiling - Rubber Backed Carpet Lining (Neck and Living)
PBLHO.4.064 240V Power - Switchboard RCD Protection, 15AMP Inlet, 3 x Double GPO, 2 x Internal Lights, 1 x Outside Light
PBLHO.4.065 240V Power - Switchboard RCD Protection, 15AMP Inlet, 3 x Double GPO
PBLHO.4.066 240V Power - Switchboard RCD Protection, 15AMP Inlet,3 x Double GPO, Air Conditioner, 2 x Internal Lights, 1 x Outside Light
PBLHO.4.067 240V Power - Switchboard RCD Protection, 15AMP Inlet, 3 x Double GPO, Air Conditioner, Hot Water, 2 x Internal Lights, 1 x Outside Light
PBLHO.4.068 Double Bunk Frame and Ladder
PBLHO.4.069 Kitchenette - Bench Top, Under Cupboards and 3 x Draws, 190Lt. Fridge Provision and Microwave Provision
PBLHO.4.070 Kitchenette - Bench Top, 2 x Under Cupboards and 3 x Draws, Fridge provision, Microwave Provision and Overhead Cupboards
PBLHO.4.071 Cook Top Gas 3 Burner c/w Glass Lid - W480 x D370
PBLHO.4.072 Basin S/S & Glass Lid c/w Taps - W420 X D370
PBLHO.4.073 Microwave 25Lt. Stainless Steel - W483 x D396 x H281
PBLHO.4.074 Fridge/Freezer 2 Door 190Lt. 3 Way - W523 x H1245 x D623

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