Standard 1450mm High Integral Pantec, 750Kg, Single Axle

Standard 1450mm High Integral Pantec, 750Kg, Single Axle
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  • Single Axle
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Technical Specifications

This section outlines some of the more technical aspects of the product displayed above. Please note that the following information applies to a stock standard item only. Adding, removing or modifing components may alter it's dimentions, weight, capacity or any other of the items listed below.

Attributes Details
Sizing PBLT.10.0006- 1800x1200(6x4)
PBLT.10.0007 - 2100x1200(7x4)
PBLT.10.0008 - 2100x1500(7x5)
PBLT.10.0009 - 2400x1200(8x4)
PBLT.10.0010 - 2400x1500(8x5)
ATM 750 Kg
Axle 39mm Round LM
Body Checkerplate Floor 2.1mm
Flat Zinc Sheeting
RHS Frame
Chassis Drawbar - 75x50x3mm RHS
Cross Runner - 50x50x2mm (6x4 - 2)
Cross Runner - 50x50x2mm (Others - 3)
Side Runner - 50x50x2mm (Full Length)
Front Cross Runner - 50x50x2mm
Rear Cross Runner - 75x50x3mm
Coupling Quick Release 50mm
Finish Etch Prime & Two Pack White
Hubs and Bearings 5 Stud LM
Safety Chain 8mm Rated Single
Suspension 45x8mm 4L Slipper
Wheels 14" Second Hand Rims & 185R14LT Tyres + Spare
Rear Door 1200 - Single Side Hinge, Three-Way Flush Lock
1500 - Double Side Hinge, Three-Way Flush Lock & Inside Spring Bolt
Common Articles Lights In Gussetts
LED Lights to ADRs
Mudguard Support Front & Rear - C/Plate Folded
Plug Holder
6" Swivel Jockey Wheel
Spare Carrier

Product Options

This section outlines some of many options that are availble

Code Details
PBLO.8.0001 Spring Assisted Ramp, 4ft Wide in leiu
PBLO.8.0002 Spring Assisted Ramp, 5ft Wide in leiu
PBLO.8.0003 Spring Assisted Ramp 6ft Wide in leiu
PBLO.8.0004 Lift-Up Gas Strut Door, 4ft Wide in leiu
PBLO.8.0005 Lift-Up Gas Strut Door, 5ft Wide in leiu
PBLO.8.0006 Lift-Up Gas Strut Door, 6ft Wide in leiu
PBLO.8.0009 Side Door Lift up c/w Gas Struts & Three-Way Flush Lock
PBLO.8.0011 Truncated Roof 300 x 300
PBLO.8.0012 Tapered Front, to Drawbar Shape incl. 600 Extension of Body
PBLO.8.0013 Rotary Roof Vent (Ea.)
PBLO.8.0014 Aluminium Stoneguard, 400mm High, Front of Guards
PBLO.8.0015 Internal LED Strip Light at Rear

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