1430mm High, Single Axle, Integral Ribbed Pantec Trailers

Designed to be efficient and relatively compact trailers, the 1430MM high single axle integral ribbed pantec trailers stand less than 1.5m tall from floor to roof, and are suitable for anyone that needs a high quality trailer, but who doesn 't necessarily require heavy carrying capacity. With an ATM of 750Kg, this model is suited to light and medium cargo. Built to exacting specifications, it is durable and will last for years when properly cared for. The chassis is made from steel runners, with ribbed body panels, and a hollow rectangular steel frame. Standard design has a rear opening from a single hinge, although the trailer can be fully customized to suit a variety of applications. Second hand wheels are installed, with a spare, and they 're connected to the single axle with a 5 stud hub. The base chassis can be customized to meet different size requirements, with sizes beginning at 1.8x1.2m, and the largest is 2.4x1.5m. The finish includes a high quality enamel top coat, and standard features include a 50mm coupling, 12v lights for safety and visibility, and an 8mm safety chain. Trailers are designed and fabricated in Australia.

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