Poly Water Tank Trailers

Polypropylene tanks are extremely durable and resilient to heat, making them ideal for portable water solutions. PBL Poly water tank trailers are designed to safely transport the poly tanks that are used in industry, agriculture, and even emergency scenarios. The trailers can be easily customized to suit any application. Housing can be fabricated for pumps and hoses. The standard design includes a pin locking tank mount. Configurations range from 1.5T to 2.5T in carrying capacity. Due to the weight of a filled poly tank, all trailers are fitted with electric brakes and a park brake. Single and tandem axle models are available. Rectangular hollow section steel is used for the chassis, allowing for excellent strength without excess weight. The chassis is hot dipped galvanized to protect against corrosion. 16 inch, 6 stud Sunrasia wheels are fitted with brand new tyres on every order. By utilizing a 50mm ball coupling, these trailers are compatible with standard tow bars.

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