2700x1800 3500kg GVM Stockcrate 1

This standard stock crate trailer has been designed to carry heavy loads, with the right features to make it a great option for users who don't need customisation. With a tandem axle design, this trailer adds both stability and support for transporting livestock. The large caged design with full shroud walls will minimize stress for livestock during transport. With a standard size of 2.7 x 1.8m, this is a great trailer for moving single, paired, or small groups of smaller animals (sheep, calves, etc.). Because we are end to end designers and manufacturers, we can even customize a stock trailer to suit your needs, with various sizes, door, and ramp configurations being a possibility. All of our trailers are made with heavy duty steel chassis components that will ensure they meet safety and weight ratings. This stock crate comes rated for a maximum 3500KG, making it an excellent choice for regular movement of livestock in a busy agricultural setting.

2700x1800 3500kg GVM Stockcrate 1
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