7300x2490 Gooseneck and Crate, 4.49t 2

Moving your stock has never been easier with our goose neck stock trailer. The trailer's design is based on the original standard design. As always, our trailers can be made to order and are customizable. The trailer has tandem axles that allow for easier hauling. The side panels are solid to keep your animals calm and stress free. These trailers are designed for the movement of larger stock as well as for agricultural purposes. The front of the trailer can be used to keep any number of things that are useful for hauling purposes. Our stock crate trailers are useful for a vast number of farming and ranch needs. 4500kg ATM and diamond plate.

7300x2490 Gooseneck and Crate, 4.49t 2
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No, this product is NOT stock standard and should be used as a guide only

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